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We help people understand and contribute to the communities they live in

Bang The Table, Australia
With a mission to improve the quality of public debate and level of community involvement in public life, Bang The Table is committed to providing the most user-friendly way to allow people to have their say. We have worked with more government agencies at the local, state and national level than all of our competitors combined, and we’ve helped over a hundred and fifty private and public sector companies in four countries engage with stakeholders better. We are helping create a planet where all of its citizens have inexpensive and accessible opportunities to learn about and contribute intelligently to the decisions that affect their lives. Read more about us here.

Bang The Table, India
In Bangalore, we lovingly handcraft what we sell across the world. Our expert design and development team prides itself on building sophisticated, intuitive technology that helps citizens engage better. We love talking about our flagship product, EngagementHQ, the most flexible, robust and best-looking online consultation software available. We believe in writing code that makes us happy, and giving our customers the easiest to use community engagement platforms

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Clifford Joseph

Ultimate Frisbee Fanatic
Loves being looped in to everything.
Managing Director
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Aditya Sanjit

Knife Enthusiast
"Charon of StyX and Acheron"
Client Experience Lead
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Vinodhini R

"No Daa"
Software Developer
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Gautam Pai

Look hard enough, you can find the internet in his computer.
Engineering Lead
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Aaditya Suresh

A monkey stole my frooti and I have never since set foot in Kerala.
Software Developer
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Abirami Rajprakash

Client Experience
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Sinu John

Front-end Developer
Chill Madi!
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Christin George

Yes sir, Yes sir, Three Bags full sir!
Technical Product Manager
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Arjun Mathai

"Waggle, Waggle Waggle"
Technical Product Manager
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Nirmalya Ghosh

Web Developer
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Preethi George

"Adopt a Cat"
Software Developer
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Web Developer
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George Thomas

Valar Morghulis
Web Developer

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